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Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:42 am by Apollyon

Dup Shimati

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Dup Shimati

Post  Apollyon on Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:42 am

- A sacred clay tablet containing the scribing of destiny and divine decrees.
- The primordial object, held as the single most sacred thing in the world.
- Fragmented into several pieces, so as to spread the government of each aspect unto several owners, preventing omnipotence. Each piece holds a different aspect, affecting the bearer in different ways depending on the piece.
- There are seven fundamental fragments (referred to as tablets themselves) and dozens of smaller pieces scattered around the world.
- Each of the seven tablets is extremely valuable and sought after, for the convergence of these texts would grant the person with supreme divine authority over the world.



- Love of self, supreme transcendence over others, godship.
- Transcendence at dawn, debilitation at sunset.
- The bearer is exiled from and contemned by every religion, until they cease carrying the tablet.
- Original bearer: Heylel

  • All attributes +100%
  • Max. HP +150%
  • Max. MP +150%
  • Max. SP +150%
  • All trade and combat skill potential +15%
  • The bearer is feared by every creature under their level.

  • All attributes -50%
  • Max. HP -50%
  • Max. MP -50%
  • Max. SP -50%
  • Accuracy -10%
  • Attack speed -20%
  • Movement speed -10%
  • Disease resistance -25% (pp)
  • The bearer is attacked by every creature, regardless of their level or stance.


- Insatiable desire to deprive other men of theirs, the evil eye, starving for divestiture.
- Original bearer: Lvthn

  • DEX +50%
  • AGI +50%
  • Thieving success +25%
  • Attack speed +8%
  • Movement speed +8%
  • Water resistance +20% (pp)
  • Fire resistance +20% (pp)
  • Hydrokinesis potential +20%
  • Electric resistance -80% (pp)
  • All supplemental trade (botany, fishing, mining) potential -20%
  • Lumokinesis potential -20%
  • Theriomancy potential -20%

#3 - IRA

- Transcendental hatred and uncontrollable lust for destruction and annihilation.
- Original bearer: Shaytan

  • STR +100%
  • Critical hit rate +10% (pp)
  • Diabolotry potential +20%
  • Pyrokinesis potential +20%
  • All two-handed weaponry potential +20%
  • All one-handed weaponry potential -20%
  • Accuracy -50%
  • No EXP loss upon death.
  • Hunger ceases to effect the bearer.
  • Extreme bloodlust, the bearer must kill every three minutes or they will wither rapidly; HP, MP and SP -1% (pp) every other second.


- When each of the seven tablets are held by the same bearer, they enter the divinization process, theosis.
- During theosis, the seven tablets can be unified again (with high-level hierography, crafting and alchemy), begetting a new Dup Shimati.

  • All trades and combat skills reach the legendary stage immediately.
  • All trade and combat skill potential +50%
  • All attributes +100%
  • Max. HP +900%
  • Max. MP +900%
  • Max. SP +900%

- After the creation of the new Dup Shimati, the Bearer must be annihilated within 84 in-game days.
- If the Bearer survives through the theosis, they will reach the ultimate catharsis, cleansing the world of everything, effectively resetting the game.


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